30 Day Packaging System

The cards are packed at our pharmacy according to calendar day of the month. If an antibiotic is to be given on the 7th through the 16th of the month, our staff will package the doses in the appropriate bubbles.

This system offers greater sanitation than many of the competing systems. Did you know that a competitor’s plastic dispensing system is to be washed in HOT WATER every time it goes back to the pharmacy? Is your pharmacy doing that?

Our prescription labels contain the medication NDC number as well as the tablet/capsule imprint to allow for greater accuracy. This system increases patient safety by enabling quick visual verification of the medication to be given.

Time coordinated stickers are placed on each card to assist with medication pass. Nursing is able to quickly identify which medications are to be given at a specific time.


QuickMAR Makes Medication Management Easy

ValuMed Pharmacy is a highly experienced and trusted QuickMAR Gold Pharmacy Partner, delivering high-volume proven results. QuickMAR manages the entire medication life-cycle: new order entry by the pharmacy, order and delivery of medication, updating the MAR with changes, recording medication passes, medication destruction and returns, completing scheduled cycle fills, managing inventory, tracking controlled drugs, and communicating regularly with your pharmacy.

The Challenge

As an operator of a long-term care facility, you know the challenges of managing meds:

  • Med errors are not uncommon.
  • MARs can be hard to read.
  • Med changes can be difficult to communicate.
  • Recording results is time consuming and error prone.
  • Knowing when to re-order PRN medications is a challenge.
  • Poor communication with your pharmacy often causes problems.

Pharmacy Interface

ValuMed Pharmacy automatically passes new order information to QuickMAR. Refill requests are sent at the touch of a button. All this and more makes your ValuMed pharmacist a true partner in the care-giving process.

Electronic MAR

Bar-coded packages are scanned by the caregiver, ensuring that the right meds are administered. After each med pass, the caregiver records the results, including exceptions, with just a few simple screen touches or mouse clicks. The time required for large med passes is reduced by as much as 50%, providing you more time to focus on what’s really important—caring for your residents.

Inventory Management

The “QuickCount” module keeps an up-to-the minute inventory of all controlled drugs. Medication destruction and pharmacy returns are easily recorded.

Peace of Mind

QuickMAR’s MedAssure feature provides you the peace of mind to know that your medication round will continue even when the internet is temporarily unavailable. When your internet link is restored, your data is automatically re-synced and updated, ensuring that your MAR is accurate.

QuickMAR solutions

  • Shows the meds due on the current med pass
  • Use barcodes to scan the meds as you pick them
  • Alarms prevent potential errors
  • Record results with one mouse click
  • Record exceptions to the normal pass
  • Record treatments—BP, BG, etc.
  • Displays resident photo on all resident-related screens
  • Pharmacy interface lets your pharmacist enter all doctor’s orders
  • Schedule meds at any time of day and any days during the week
  • Enter stop and start dates on a med order
  • Immediately reflects changes upon effective date
  • Flags recent changes to a person’s routine for one week
  • Robust reporting including MAR, TAR, Medication Disposal Log, and Physicians Orders Report
  • Fast and simple med check-in at cycle fill
  • Record your med destruction or returns by scanning bar codes
  • Accommodates multiple med carts for a single facility
  • Secure login with custom security levels


Integrated Medication Management

Increase efficiency and reduce risk through comprehensive, integrated medication management.

Order Management

Order Management enables staff to enter orders in the EHR using a standard medication library. Drug interaction and formulary checking, order queuing and secondary confirmation of orders by another practitioner assist in the prevention of errors prior to dispense.

Pharmacy Integration

The Pharmacy Integration layer eliminates the need for most phone calls and faxing of orders between the care provider and pharmacy. Any changes to an order made by the pharmacy for formulary requirements, generic and/or therapeutic substitutions, are automatically sent back to PointClickCare for the nurse to review, further preventing the potential for error and potential of resident risk.

Electronic Mar

eMAR takes the complexity out of the medication administration process. Medication and treatment information is automatically organized by resident and pass time. Medication alerts and prompts for the right documentation are embedded in the workflow, along with follow-up reminders for skipped and PRN medications. Plus, auditing for medication administration is just a click away, with color coded dashboards highlighting any med pass status real time - eliminating time consuming manual review processes.

Benefits of PointClickCare

  • Reduced time
  • Reduced risk
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved resident safety
  • Improved compliance

DocuTrack by Integra

Paperless Documanagement

When choosing a pharmacy, facilities have many service options to choose from including hours of operation, costs, fill policies, quality assurance and responsiveness.

The most efficient pharmacies are continuously engaged in the process of improving internal systems and procedures. One major part of these workflow improvements is the implementation of a pharmacy clinical workflow management system called DocuTrack. Specifically designed to solve the document management needs of pharmacies, its state of the art workflow system enables pharmacies to organize, route and retrieve documents faster and more accurately.

Pharmacies using the DocuTrack workflow management system are proven to provide better overall service, faster processing and superior communication:

  • faster order processing
  • immediate information retrieval
  • fewer errors
  • more personal service
  • streamlined communication
  • increased reliability
  • fewer follow-up calls
  • more on-time deliveries
  • NO lost faxes
  • higher level of security

How your facility can benefit from a DocuTrack pharmacy:

Faster Order Processing is achieved through DocuTrack’s improved workflow system. The system monitors work assignment queues and triggers alerts when documents need urgent attention or have been in a given state for a certain period. Also, pharmacies can now organize incoming information by facility so documents faxed in are automatically routed to the correct team or person dealing with your account. These features, and more, significantly speed and improve order processing.

Immediate Information Retrieval is possible through simplified electronic searches. Pharmacy staff can instantly locate an order based on patient name, Rx number, medication, etc. Instant Order Look-up makes phone calls short and informative. When your facility needs to know where an order is, if it was received, etc., pharmacies are able to instantly look up orders, see exactly where they are in the fulfillment process and immediately give facility staff exact status of each order.

Fewer errors occur with immediate routing and instant organization of materials in DocuTrack’s pharmacy tailored queues. Also, the extensive use of barcode technology utilized by DocuTrack pharmacies greatly reduces the chance of errors.

More personal service is provided as DocuTrack enables facility based workflow so pharmacy staff can get to know the nuances of your facility for a more personalized service.

Streamlined communication is achieved through instant fax-back and automatic form options.

The fax-back option allows pharmacy staff to add notations directly on the received order such as “please clarify” or “please resubmit” on refill-too-soon orders. They can then, with one click, send these back to your facility for clarification.

Also, commonly used forms are saved and partially auto-populated for immediate generation of form such as C-2 Requests. Increased reliability with automated fax confirmations. DocuTrack will automatically fax-back confirmation of faxes received from a facility complete with a thumbnail image of pages received.

Fewer follow-up calls are needed as tools such as advanced fax dithering and zoom options are provided within DocuTrack.

If a technician cannot read a prescription they can zoom in, better enabling them to decipher the information. As faxes are recieved, DocuTrack has been designed to enhance the clarity of documents when displayed on-screen. Many tools similar to these provide more efficient processing resulting in fewer clarification calls to the facility. On-time deliveries are possible due to faster processing of orders and a reduction in order misplacement or loss.

NO faxes are lost through the elimination of paper processes and human handling error. Filing is now completed electronically and orders are routed within the DocuTrack system. No more paper filing, retrieval or processing.

Security is heightened with the removal of unsecured fax machines. Your document with patient information will be sent, via secured fax, directly to specified accounts. Rather than paper-based fax orders lying on top of a fax machine for anyone to see, orders are sent electronically as PDFs directly to a pharmacy technician's workstation.